About Us

American Savings was founded ten years ago by Ani Simonian. Mrs. Simonian’s purpose was to create an organization that not only helps the community make better financial decisions, but to make sure they stay on track for a long term basis. The company focus has never been about the initial revenues it receives, but the well being of every individual it encounters. Initially American Savings opened its doors in financing services such as residential, commercial and SBA loans. Since five years ago, per consistent demand it has been providing real estate services as well. Now American Savings provides both financing and real estate services to cater the community. Ani Simonian’s goal is to keep clients satisfied till the end of the transaction. Due to consistent client satisfaction, her business has been mainly derived from referrals. The company’s goal for the upcoming years is to expand and open multiple locations. When you have an opportunity to work with Ani and her staff, just thru the initial contact, you will feel the warmth and compassion they have towards making every individual a happy individual.