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Getting Approved For A Home Loan

28 August 2018

Ani’s Money Saving Tips 🙂 Your monthly gross income is what helps you qualify for a home loan so you need to be sure that you are living within your means and not above. Often times, people want a home worth $900,000 and they are qualified, but that adds to their lifestyle and puts them at risk if they don’t start cutting certain...


Can You Buy a House After Bankruptcy?

23 August 2018

Ani’s Money Saving Tips 🙂 After your bankruptcy discharge, you can be added as a cosigner or an authorized user in one of your family member’s cards. This will assist you in expediting on building your credit history without having to have a credit agency charge you to rebuild. One of the biggest questions for those that are forced to file for bankruptcy...


How To Prepare For A Mortgage

9 August 2018

Ani’s Money Saving Tips 🙂  Keep your credit card balances at a maximum of 50% of the total limit! By increasing your credit card debt, your FICO score drops, but the lower score you the more of an impact on your score otherwise you will not get the prime rate available on the market (min 700). Preparing for a mortgage is an important...


How To Reduce Your Monthly Bills

1 August 2018

Ani’s Money Saving Tips 🙂 Keep a monthly record of your spending so you can manage and watch what is spent on food and activities, gifts, unexpected emergencies – documentation will help you see where you might’ve overextended yourself. Many people overspend on restaurants which damages their wallet and health. Simply keep tabs on spending then look back on what you waste your...


Work/Life Balance as a Mom

31 July 2018

Ani’s Life Tips 🙂 Be organized, have a schedule and plan ahead but also be flexible because there will be curveballs. Find ways to integrate what you do at home with your job and vice versa. As a working mom, you’ll quickly become a master multitasker. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re doing great and making things happen! One of my greatest...


Getting Through Life’s Obstacles

16 July 2018

How many of you have gone through something difficult and thought you would never get through it? But look at you now … you made it! There might still be something that you are struggling with, however, which intrigued you to click on this post. Whether that’s a daily obstacle or rare occurrence, life is bound to throw curveballs, but it’s how you...