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Getting Through Life’s Obstacles

How many of you have gone through something difficult and thought you would never get through it? But look at you now … you made it! There might still be something that you are struggling with, however, which intrigued you to click on this post. Whether that’s a daily obstacle or rare occurrence, life is bound to throw curveballs, but it’s how you handle them that will determine the outcome. I hope these tips will inspire you to get through any obstacle, big or small, like it has for me:

Don’t Give Up

This will only leave you feeling defeated. Whereas the feeling of accomplishment is much more empowering and inspiring for the future. Never allow yourself to feel like a failure – it is up to you to uplift your mind and do good in order to feel good. It’s always rewarding to reach a new goal or break another standard, but it can weigh heavily on you if you never get through your to-do list and your responsibilities pile up. This can have the adverse affect on you, when you give up, you fall behind and will stress yourself out more rather than being productive.

“Dream Big

What do you have to lose?”

Stay Positive

Instead of focusing on burdens and negative energy that may be dragging your mood down, you should transform those emotions into something positive. Channel those feelings elsewhere and make them productive. Do things you enjoy, make plans you look forward to and don’t be so hard on yourself! I always say “Dream Big – What do you have to lose?” It’s ok to have big dreams, goals and aspirations, as long as you are willing to go after them full force. Do not let fear get in the way of your achievements or you will be stuck and lack the motivation you need to push forward.

Take Care of Yourself

This might seem obvious, but treating yourself to a day off or night in might be the best way to go. Ignoring all responsibilities – even for an hour – can seem like a huge weight off your shoulders. This shouldn’t become a constant cycle, but give yourself just enough “me time” so you don’t resent those around you. As CEO of American Savings Financial Services a mother of three, I sometimes find it hard to find alone time. Even if it means staying in with my family or going out with a few friends, that’s all I need to reevaluate my priorities. After all, whoever we surround ourselves by will in turn contribute to the people we become.


If you notice a specific source of concern or anxiety, eliminate it right away. In today’s society that might come from social networking and comparing what we see online to the lives we live everyday. It is important to disconnect for a bit to regain clarity of our personal priorities and star focusing on those rather than impressing others. You can be spontaneous with it or schedule your social media cleanse around big events so you don’t feel like you are missing in action.

The most selfless act of all is giving back to those in need. These generous gestures go a long way and knowing you made an impact in someone else’s life is beyond gratifying. View the charities I donate to and volunteer with here. Everyone is different, with varying experiences and backgrounds, but these general tips can make a significant impact in your life and I can’t wait to hear which of these tips worked best for you. Do you have any advice that I didn’t list above? Let me know in the comments!