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Home Loans

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Whether you are looking to buy a property with a low down payment, or cashing out to refinance, purchase rental property (future investments), refinance to a better interest rate, or renovate your property, American Savings Financial Services can help keep your head above water.

Private money is a good source in the event that the borrower has bad credit or an investor is looking into purchasing a property without any income documentation. This may also be beneficial for those who may not qualify immediately but will be eligible soon. Allow American Savings Financial Services to set you in the right direction.

Private Money

Home Loans Apply For a Loan

Business Loans

Home Loans Apply For a Loan

Financing a growing business can be one of the toughest challenges a business owner faces. American Savings Financial Services takes the time to learn about the individual needs of each business owner to ensure they receive the type of loan that best meets those needs. Through the years we have built many relationships o we know where to route them (think of us as a radar or navigate to the right lenders who can faciliate their businss. transactions) Our experienced loan officers are available to answer any questions and offer assistance in structuring the type of loan that will best fit the business owner’s needs.

Mortgage financing is available for commercial units, operational warehouse-type structures, retail establishments, apartment buildings with more than five units, and most other types of investment real estate. We offer competitive fixed or variable rates of interest. Our experienced loan officers will help you choose the term that best suits your business needs.

Commercial Loans

Home Loans Apply For a Loan

Construction Loans

Home Loans Apply For a Loan

American Savings Financial Services has built relationships with banks throughout the years and can provide you with expert advice. Whether you want to build a brand new house, facility or multi-residential building, we can help you obtain the correct loan. Our goal is to help navigate borrowers so they find the right lenders necessary to complete their transactions.

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