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Work/Life Balance as a Mom

Ani’s Life Tips 🙂

One of my greatest victories was when I started to master the art of balancing motherhood and business. Not going to lie, it was initially a struggle for me to find the time for my children and my work. How would I ever have enough hours in the day to give my family and my job the attention they both needed? It was only through eliminating my guilt towards my children and replacing it with quality-time (even if there were some crazy moments) that I discovered just how valuable each of my responsibilities are.

I also realized that these personal experiences added to my children’s’ emotional well-being. Not only as kids, but as future adults … I truly believe it’s beautiful for kids to see their mothers as an iconic role model. They should always have someone who is conquering life at home but also out in the real world. No mommy-shaming here, but reports do show that kids of employed mothers show a stronger worth ethic and better communication once they head into their careers. All a mother wants for their kids is the best that life has to offer so if staying at home means you will provide them that then so be it!

It has been SO rewarding for my kids to actually appreciate my business savviness and commitment to doing what I love.

My willingness to hustle, however, has not interfered with watching my children grow up and hit milestones and reach their goals and they haven’t missed my accomplishments either. Quite frankly, it has been SO rewarding for my kids to actually appreciate my business savviness and commitment to doing what I love. I notice it when they talk to one another and giggle about my conversations with my clients. It’s little moments like that that spark my realization of how much my work ethic impacts their personalities and potentially the relationships they have with others.

I can only hope that they take something away from each of the amazing moments while still learning from the bad and taking it as a lesson for the future (myself included). There are some days when I still feel conflicted when I drop my kids off at school or leave them at home and kiss them goodbye before heading for the office, but we have all managed to find that perfect middle ground. Overall, there is a common understanding that my job has allowed for plenty of opportunities that we’ve all been able to enjoy together and we are eternally grateful for the time we have with one another.