Your Satisfaction is Our Destination

Our Company

American Savings Financial Services started in 2002 and has made it through even the toughest financial times, doing as much possible to guide others along the way and put them on the path to success. They avoided the promotion of negative amortization programs which would victimize borrowers.

What some people may not realize is that while certain loans do not work well for them, it may be the right fit for others. Allow American Savings to determine which loan is right for you. Their team encourages long-term financial responsibility and their genuine concern for others’ well-being is evident in their outstanding customer service.

Over a decade later, they continue to offer competitive rates in the market while maintaining boutique service that keeps people coming back. Their success lives on through their expansion of offices, where they are catering to communities in Beverly Hills, La Canada, Glendale, La Crescenta and beyond all across California.

Meet The Founder

Ani Simonian grew up with immigrant fever, having moved to the United States from Iran, she has valued every life-altering experience and individual she has had the opportunity to interact with. She is a mother of three and while they rock her world, they also motivate her to set a good example. As a family, they use time to live life efficiently and to the fullest. Her personal principles include Honesty, Respect, Transparency, Loyalty and Courage – which are conveyed in everything she does.

She truly believes in the price of freedom which inspired her to start American Savings Loans at the age of 23, knowing that she could potentially provide financial freedom to those who need it most. She initially did not know much about the industry, but knew she wanted to take good care of people. Ani aspires to keep her promise and always honors her word.

"When I am confronted with a new unexpected challenge of life, I accept it as an opportunity for growth for nothing is impossible when you are a believer. I know I will conquer it over and over because I have and I will."

-Ani Simonian